Show your love for the Buckeye State with this Ohio shaped beeswax candle. It measures 2.25″ wide and tall, with a width of .75.” It weighs about 2.2 oz. Burn time for this candle is approximately 6 hours.

This beeswax is cleaned and filtered. When they harvest the honey the beeswax cappings are removed and later melted down and poured into candle molds.

Beeswax has an aroma that is wholly natural and burns longer, cleaner, and brighter than other types of candles. This beeswax features only the clean, natural, sweet aroma of pure beeswax and honey as it is harvested from the beehives.

Each candle is $4.50 and comes wrapped in a plastic bag with a raffia ribbon.  Cutting board sold separately.








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