Do you remember Euclid Beach Amusement Park that closed in 1969.  Share those memories with someone who loved the flying turns, eating popcorn balls, rode the racing coasters and who could forget Laughing Sal.  The book has a chapter devoted to the Park.  The T-shirt has all the famous icons that is sure to start a conversation where ever it is worn.

  • Euclid Beach T-shirt (let us know what size in the notes section when checking out or call us 800-755-6446
  • 2 Euclid Beach Ceramic Coasters that have the famous arches
  • 2 Humphrey Popcorn Balls
  • 2 Fudge Cups
  • Book – Cleveland Summertime Memories Soft Cover

Christmas enhancements will be used for the holiday and the book can be used Cleveland Christmas Memories substituted for Cleveland Summertime Memories. 


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